Yume Consults develops revenue strategies, web, mobile app products, and we’re most definitely a tech-savvy partner. We help entrepreneurs, startups and companies foster innovation, create greater impact for ethical and responsible business practices. We’re here to help you connect, transform, engage and accelerate your vision and business!




Yume Herod, Principal and Founder of Yume Consults has been working behind the scenes with entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies since 2005.


Yume’s specialty is in helping businesses re-define their online business model or new product launch. She’s helped companies go from seed to startup to evolving into self-sustaining businesses. One of Yume’s major accomplishments was working with a small startup to help grow their digital business to become a publicly traded (IPO), with a net-worth of $110 Million dollars in the NYSE. She knows first-hand from experience that launching an online business, web or mobile app product takes focused effort, and a team of passionate go-givers. She helps clients develop a revenue based business model, actionable roadmap planning, along with her trusted team of digital and technology specialists. She partners with clients to help capitalize on their niche, by providing the necessary motivation, technology tools and digital strategies to grow their business. Her goal is to show consistency, and growth over time so they can get the best value on their return on investment (ROI).


Yume comes from a long line of both creative and service-oriented leaders who puts Service at the top of the list. The clients at Yume Consults receive consistent follow through, and cost-effective consulting for any stage of their business. ‘Service’ is one of the company’s key building blocks to a quality-driven, rock solid foundation.

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