Yume Consults Business Ethics and Standards of Integrity

Yume Consults LLC and it’s parent company, Yume Consulting LLC, both known as the ‘Company’ is committed to operate all activities within the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations affecting its businesses, employees, contractors, partners and affiliates.  All employees and contractors must exercise the highest level of integrity, ethics and objectivity in their actions and relationships which may affect the Company.  Employees and contractors must not misuse their authority or influence of their positions in these relationships.  Moreover, an employee or contractor has the duty to act in the best interest of the Company at all times.


Our Ethical Standards & Integrity


  1. We will accept assignments consistent with our experience and competence. We will not claim expertise we do not possess in order to win a contract. When we need the services of a third-party vendors or third-party sub-contractors (if pertains outside of our existing agreed, standing partnerships) to fulfill the responsibilities of an engagement, we will disclose this fact in advance to the client.
  2. We work with our Clients as equals, co-creators, as partners, confidants and trusted resources to develop a mutually rewarding, financial, business and working relationship where we exchange intellectual and professional experience, such as but not limited to; providing technical value, making recommendations based on evaluations or diagnostics, assisting with implementations and solutions, facilitating Client learning, helping with organizational change management and proactively taking corrective actions that is treated with value and fosters respect to mutually advance our respective business’s mission.
  3. When we discover in the course of an engagement that we cannot fulfill the agreed-upon responsibilities, we will offer to withdraw or to change the terms of the engagement such that the expectations and fees commensurate with our abilities.
  4. We will exercise independent judgment and objectivity when offering recommendations or advice to clients.
  5. If we recommend or offer services or products that are based on relationship with our affiliates or partners (where we will benefit financially from a portion of the sale/purchase), we will disclose such information in advance to our Clients (either verbally or via written communication).
  6. We will disclose in advance any relationships that might be perceived as a conflict of interest or that might raise questions about our objectivity.
  7. We will agree in advance with Clients the basis and terms for fees and expenses, the scope and objectives of the engagement, and the mechanisms and frequency for assessing and measuring progress.
  8. We will protect the privacy and integrity of client information, and exercise due diligence to prevent its disclosure to unauthorized persons, except as provided for in item 8 below.
  9. We will cooperate to the fullest extent of the law and report illegal activity to the appropriate authorities if we discover such activity in the course of our work.
  10. We will not use proprietary materials or methods of other consultants without their prior written permission.
  11. We will be fully transparent when helping our Clients and we will ensure that we are honest and proactive with any recommendations, suggestions that we make or need to make in order to mitigate risks. We will communicate as early as possible well-thought out options, and work diligently to resolve any issues as quickly and expeditiously as possible. If we recommend a partner or affiliate, we will ensure to hold them to the same level of transparency (via our internal terms of service agreements). Please note, this cannot be extended if there are unforeseen situations such as if we are in a state of emergency, any situations deemed as ‘Acts of God’ or in times of natural disasters (power outages, floods, hurricanes, tornados, storms, earthquakes, etc).
  12. We will not solicit any employee of a Client to consider changing employment without the prior written permission of the client.
  13. We will strive to enable our Clients to carry new ideas and techniques forward independently, and avoid creating a dependent relationship with them.
  14. We will consider the environmental and social impact of business decisions and practice stewardship to the extent our line of work affords the opportunity to do so.
  15. We will not work on behalf of a government, company, or other organization that supports or enables activities contrary to fundamental human rights.
  16. We will not work in or travel through locales where our personnel would be at risk of physical harm above and beyond the risks of normal life.
  17. We expect and require that any subcontractors who represent us adhere to the same code of ethics as our associates.


Ethics Preferences of Our Clients


  1. We prefer to work with Clients who treat our expertise, contributions, coaching and consulting with respect to our profession and experience; who consistently utilize the services we provide for ethical business advancement and also deeply value the advice that we offer.
  2. We prefer to work with Clients who demonstrate integrity and consistency in actions and speech; Clients who consistently follow project plans, scope agreements, adhere to timelines, provide timely feedback, complete tasks assigned and show up to do the work; meet business commitments, and who proactively partner with us to work together on their behalf.
  3. We prefer to work with Clients who have not omitted some or all information or information that may be valuable for us to serve our role in terms of our service agreements and statements of work or scope of work. This includes hiding of information, or lack of transparency.
  4. We prefer to work with Clients who honor their contractual commitments; who do not have a history of late payments, missed payments, partial payment, or non-payment of fees, expenses, or other monies due; whether to us or to any other consultants, contract workers, trainers, coaches, laid off (willingly or unwillingly), or retired employees.
  5. We prefer to work with clients, partners, and suppliers who share our goal of creating, impacting Social Good, practicing Conscious Capitalism and supporting Diversity and Inclusion in the marketplace and leave the world in better condition than we found it.
  6. We prefer to work with Clients who treat our employees, contractors, affiliates or partners with respect and consistent communication to foster and strengthen deeper business relationships.
  7. We prefer to work with Clients, partners, and suppliers who have not supported legislation, social initiatives, or business practices that restrict freedom or that treat people (men, women, children) unjustly (this includes human trafficking, or any type of human rights violations). We assess this based on consistency of behavior, demonstrating consistent values of empathy, compassion, sustainability, that are not solely on just formal, written policies.
  8. We prefer to work with Clients who treat domesticated animals humanely and support the non-domesticated treatment of animals with respect to their natural habitat and advocate for preservation from extinction.

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