Digital Strategy Coaching and Technology Consulting

We’re passionate about partnering with businesses to increase revenue streams. We develop digital strategies, web and mobile app products that create enriching user experiences, and ethical profits.


Digital Strategy Coaching

Coaching motivates you by helping to bring out the best in your innate talents to get the maximum return on your own efforts. We discuss the type of digital strategy you want to implement, then we identify key objectives and tasks. We create an action plan, schedule consistent follow-ups, and ensure accountability to help you gain greater momentum in developing your own blueprint.

Technology Consulting

Choose a technology consultant when you need to mitigate risks, receive guidance, and navigate the ins/outs of technology without a steep learning curve. Receive tactical oversight, develop a richer understanding to isolate information that has practical meaning for your business. We treat the effort as a project; define objectives, clarify tasks, create milestones and track deliverables.

The Hybrid Experience

There’s a lot happening in digital. Sometimes you may need an expert who is both a Coach and a Consultant. You may need coaching advice in some areas, then may find you need more technical experience and know-how to get ideas off the ground faster. This is a hybrid approach where you get the best of both worlds.

Learn More

Deepen learning one-on-one or in a small group.

Deeper Insights

Build stronger audiences through data analytics.


Getting traffic is nice, increased conversions is better.

New Tools

Discover new productivity tools.

Brand Positioning

Develop a targeted social media presence.

User Experience

Understand a user’s perspective when relating to your product.

Revenue Growth

Leverage digital to expand revenue streams such as ecommerce and subscriptions.

Content and Engagement

Art of using storytelling for your brand.

Introductory Offer

Choose 1 hour or get a discounted rate when you choose a package of 4, 1 Hour coaching or consultation sessions. You decide what you need.


Digital Strategy Coaching


Purchase 4 Pack, 1 HR, $40 ea.


Technology Consulting


Purchase 4 Pack, 1 HR, $50 ea.


Hybrid – Coaching and Consulting


Purchase 4 Pack, 1 HR, $72 ea.

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Yume Consults does not teach web or mobile app coding.

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