Digital Strategy Coaching
and Technology Consulting

Online Strategy Sessions and Webinars – Get help navigating the digital landscape to achieve your business goals.

Let’s increase your brand’s power, or build a product that creates both social value and business profit.


Digital Strategy Coaching

Coaching motivates you by helping to bring out the best in your innate talents to get the maximum return on your own efforts.
We discuss the type of digital strategy you want to implement, then we identify key objectives and tasks. We create an action plan, schedule consistent follow-ups, and ensure accountability to help you gain greater momentum in developing your own blueprint.

Technology Consulting

Choose a technology consultant when you need to mitigate risks, receive guidance, and navigate the ins/outs of technology without a steep learning curve.
Receive tactical oversight, develop a richer understanding to isolate information that has practical meaning for your business. We treat the effort as a project; define objectives, clarify tasks, create milestones and track deliverables.

The Hybrid Experience

There’s a lot happening in digital. Sometimes you may need an expert who is both a Coach and a Consultant. You may need coaching advice in some areas, then may find you need more technical experience and know-how to get ideas off the ground faster. This is a hybrid approach where you get the best of both worlds.


Be Yourself. Help the World.

There’s nothing like the feeling of achieving a key milestone for your business, while being purpose-driven.

Learn More

Deepen learning one-on-one or in a small group.

Deeper Insights

Build stronger audiences through data analytics.


Getting traffic is nice, increased conversions is better.

New Tools

Discover new productivity tools.

Everything is Possible

Move beyond limiting beliefs and frustrations.

Digital Product Plan

Business-specific digital product strategies.

Business Model, Roadmaps

Learn Agile or LEAN fundamentals for better roadmap planning.

Product Value

Define and expand your digital product’s value proposition.

Brand Positioning

Develop a targeted social media presence.

User Experience

Understand a user’s perspective when relating to your product.

Revenue Growth

Leverage digital to expand revenue streams such as ecommerce and subscriptions.

Content and Engagement

Art of using storytelling for your brand.

Introductory Offer

Choose 1 hour or get a discounted rate when you choose a package of 4, 1 Hour coaching or consultation sessions. You decide what you need.


Digital Strategy Coaching


Purchase 4 Pack, 1 HR, $40 ea.


Technology Consulting


Purchase 4 Pack, 1 HR, $50 ea.


Hybrid – Coaching and Consulting


Purchase 4 Pack, 1 HR, $72 ea.

Notice: You can learn more about our Terms of Service Agreement
Our fees may be tax deductible as a business expense, please check with your tax advisor.

Yume Consults does not teach web or mobile app coding.

Let’s Work Together!

Do you offer a FREE coaching or consultation 'trial'?

We provide a Free 30 Minute Digital Strategy Coaching or Technology Consulting session via online. This will help capture a high-level understanding of your business needs, answer any questions and determine if Yume can assist. If there is a specific issue that you need help with, we can use this as a jumping off point.

Click Here to book your Complimentary 30 Minute Online Evaluation, Consultation session. *You will need Internet access and desktop. Once booked, you will receive a confirmation to join the Complimentary session at the date/time picked.

Please Note: We do not offer The Hybrid Experience as a Complimentary 30 Minute coaching/consultation session.

Can I write this off as a business expense?

We suggest talking to your tax advisor. *Typically this may be considered a business expense depending on how your business entity is set up. Yume Consults is a business entity that can provide Tax ID information as needed.

*Disclaimer: We do not offer professional tax advice. Please talk with your tax advisor for any business related tax questions.

Do you only work on efforts that involve Social Good, Social Value, Diversity and Inclusion?

We like interesting, fun projects that is purpose-driven and provides social value: for people, for our planet and also makes profit. Currently we are helping professionals, startups and businesses improve their revenue by expanding their digital product offerings or platform. We feel that this is the best use of our talent as well. It’s a fun, exciting and great way to contribute fresh digital strategies or build digital products.

This is our passion and we are excited to contribute our resources and co-partner in these efforts.

What types of professionals do you work with?

The common titles we work with are: Senior Manager, Director, Vice President, C-Level, Entrepreneur, Founder, Business Owner/Co-Owner. Yes, our coaching and consulting is geared towards busy professionals who need help with their digital strategy or technology consulting (around new or existing products in the digital landscape: website, mobile apps, web applications, etc). They are looking for constructive change, or to ramp up on their digital or technology initiatives.

What's the difference between a coach and consultant?

A digital strategy coach will use their subject matter expertise to help you identify your innate talent and your passion in further developing your skills. Coaching is intended to encourage, support, motivate, inspire and make recommendations as well as co-partner with you to hold you accountable to mutually defined goals.

A technology consultant will use their subject matter expertise to help provide external and objective advice, review specific issues and provide feedback on solutions (specifically with your technology). We make recommendations for improvements, etc. A consultant’s primary role may be to assist as a temporary member of the staff, bring in additional resources to complete a specific project (web or mobile app), we may research specific tools, analyze the competition, take time to understand an initiative, develop a strategy and help to execute the project plan (then report the results).

What are some core reasons to work with a coach or consultant?

  • A gap exists in digital knowledge and skills (coach or consultant)
  • Lack of digital cohesion in business; or has started to become problematic (coach or consultant)
  • You know that you need focused help and attention (coach or consultant)
  • Interested in accelerated results, shorten the learning curve (coach or consultant)
  • Get feedback on where you can apply your strengths (coach)
  • Identify and work with you to develop a digital strategy and support you as you implement your plan (coach)
  • You would like consistent support with a subject matter expert (coach)
  • You need a ‘fresh’ technology perspective and help with additional team resources (consultant)
  • We can provide additional team resources (developer, UX, Quality Experience, tech partners), to bring on board to help complete projects (consultant)
  • You’re looking for objective solutions to deal with existing web or mobile application challenges or to mitigate project risks (consultant)

What is the amount of time I need to invest with a coach?

The answer is, it depends. You may gain deep insight after 1 session or within 30 days, depending on the breadth of what you’d like to accomplish. You may have a one-off short term project you need help with or a one-off business objective. We can do as little as one 60 minute coaching session or purchase a 4, 1 Hour digital strategy coaching pack. If you want to invest in a longer commitment, please contact Yume.

Coaching is a co-creating, partnership. If you are ready to work with a subject matter expert and feel that you are open to having constructive conversations, put in the necessary effort to get your desired outcome; if you would like to develop an actionable plan, engage in on-going dialogue about your digital strategy, devote more focused time on efforts that work and be held accountable.

What is the amount of time I need to invest with a consultant?

The answer is, it depends. You may gain deep insight after 1 session or within 30 days, depending on the breadth of what you’d like to accomplish. You may have a one-off short term project you need help with or a one-off business objective to tackle. We can do as little as one 60 minute consulting session or you can purchase a 4, 1 Hour technology consulting pack. If you want to invest in a longer commitment, please contact Yume.

Note: Typically with consultant work there may be additional evaluations, new tasks that gets ‘uncovered’ along the way. We recommend converting to the 4, 1 Hour session pack if needed. Yume will define the breadth and scope of your objectives, review the steps needed to accomplish the end-goal(s) and capture this in an action plan.

What's The Hybrid (coaching and consulting) Experience?

The Hybrid Experience combines both digital strategy coaching and technology consulting all in one session. We may focus on digital strategies then switch to technology consulting. This is recommended if there’s a bigger initiative that requires tackling both areas.

Can you help me build my website or mobile app?

Yes, this can be negotiated as part of the ‘Hybrid’ custom package. We can tailor an affordable consulting/coaching + *WordPress website and/or Mobile App development package using fixed fee pricing. Please contact us here and we can work with you on a customized fixed price package.

*Example: A custom WordPress website for Executives, Professionals or small Startup (2 design concepts, up to 10 pages, and stock photos).

Can I purchase more session packs?

Yes. We set up an Introductory Offer to get a feel for what it’s like to work with Yume. She will work 1:1 with you to develop a short or long-term plan as a coach, consultant or hybrid approach. Longer term arrangements can be made once the definition takes place. This can be customized for your needs. We will then send invoices, depending on the final mutual agreement.

What type of payments do you take?

The Introductory Offer is processed through Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account to use the payment system. For longer term coaching and consulting, we set up an invoice that can be paid via ACH (bank draft) or with a major credit card. Payments are broken out depending on the agreement.

Business checks may be accepted and based on longer term agreements (6, 9 or 12 months). All checks will need to be cleared prior to the date of the first coaching or consulting session. We do not accept personal checks.

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