What is your business model?

We are a virtual digital strategy, consulting, web, mobile app, software development team. We specialize in product management and offshore team management services. Companies outsource to us to save money and from paying full time employees.


Everything is managed and handled through our suite of tools from project, product, bug reporting, video conferencing suite of services.
We are located in Los Angeles, CA (on the West Side, near Santa Monica and Venice Beach). If an in-person meeting is requested, we can help make arrangements prior (we may request a non-refundable retainer fee/deposit upfront if an in-person is required as our business model is virtual), and we do not typically do in-person meetings for projects less than $15K.


When planning the Strategy phase (or Discovery process), we typically bill for a half day or 4 hours (but it’s not time-boxed).

How can you help my business?

We provide boutique technology consulting and development services. We partner with entrepreneurs, founders, startups, nonprofits and established businesses to avoid common pitfalls of developing a new digital product and we help resolve challenges with existing products that may need improvement.


We support you by helping you think through your product strategy, provide creative direction, and ensure your product meets your revenue goals. Our team works behind the scenes to keep your vision running while you focus on your core business.


Sometimes you may just need technical coaching or consulting to get a digital concept off the ground so your can pitch to VCs, investors, donors or buyers to get more funding; we tailor services to ensure your idea is technically feasible and buttoned up to go to market.


View our Capability Statement to learn more.


Interested in becoming a Client? Take the first step and fill out our Priority Questionnaire – 7 questions.

Do you have a portfolio and professional references?

Yes. We have a presentation deck to show our digital strategy and product process. Our approach is different. We focus on walking our talk, our capability to deliver is in building trust, consistency, and competency, which leads to the start of a great business relationship. We have plenty of testimonials over the years to support our work ethic.


Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We focus on learning what your business needs, then we research the market and provide constructive ideas to meet your business’ objectives. We sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) with all Clients since most products typically are vetted by potential investors, stakeholders or buyers. Your work is closely held by intellectual property. Once the project is wrapped up, our Client’s launch their vision and execute their marketing strategy.


Interested in discovering more? Take the first step and fill out our Priority Questionnaire – 7 questions.

What happens in the Product or Digital Strategy phase?

Here are a couple helpful scenarios:


1- A Client comes to us because they need coaching, consulting or have secured a budget to launch a new web, software or mobile product. We help move their vision forward.


2- A Client may want to pitch to VCs, investors, donors or buyers to secure funding for a new product idea. We’ll deliver a full product strategy or technical report  to determine if this would be a viable investment of their budget.


Our goal is to help lay a solid foundation; we color in the details so key stakeholders can make strategic business decisions. Beyond product strategy, we offer technical project management and full product development/implementation services.


3- Clients may come to us because they have an existing project or product that needs product management, digital coaching, technical consulting to help deliver an improved user experience (UX) to their audience and increase their revenue.

How long does Product or Digital Strategy take?

It depends on several factors. Typically we spend a minimum of 14* business days on the Strategy which may include technical research and documentation.


If there is an existing project or product that already shows signs of delivery or production issues, we may suggest the ‘Fast-Track’  option that takes 7 or 10 business days, which focuses on key targeted, high priority or high-risk items.


*14 business days may not be enough if a project or product is more complex. Depending on the complexity, we always set clear expectations what is achievable during the consultation phase.

What does ‘Fast-Track’ mean?

When you need it done quickly. The Fast-Track* process is categorized as high priority, critical project or production blockers. The Fast-Track* option yields focused-driven, targeted recommendations that are delivered to our Clients within 7 or 10 business days. Our goal is to create a plan of action how we can help get the project or product back on track.


*Fast-Track timeframes are dependent on the current complexity of the project and product. We always set clear expectations what is achievable during the consultation phase. We don’t take on projects that extend beyond our ability to deliver successful results.

Why don’t you do shorter than 7 days?

Our Strategy or Diagnostics process is intended to recommend solutions to SOLVE problems, not cause more. We find setting expectations in advance to a minimum of 7 business days is a good timeframe to:


1- Ask the right questions
2- Gather information
3- Do preliminary research
4- Be able to produce meaningful results that fix existing product issues


Quality matters and we want your business idea or product to succeed. We have empirical experience with a 97% success rate of return that a minimum of 7 business days gives us time to put in the level of work and detail to yield the best results for many scenarios.

Do you use Agile and/or SDLC methodologies?

Businesses are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We use the best frameworks and processes to get the work done.


We’ve worked on Agile projects and have used development frameworks such as, SCRUM, Kanban, Lean, and XP. We’ve also worked on Waterfall projects (SDLC).


Because not all projects are a true fit for Agile methods, our goal is to tailor a workflow that will work and help teams quickly ramp up.

Do you work virtually or with offshore, distributed teams?

Yes. We are highly proficient working virtually and with offshore or distributed teams.

Communication and expectations can get clunky, we have several years of experience that makes us PROS to ensure timely deliveries and implement strategies that gets distributed teams on the same page.

Our company has worked with virtual and offshore or distributed teams before, so how is Yume Consults different?

Most Clients who hire us want to spend their valuable time focusing on their core business, not wearing multiple hats and trying to understand all the complexities of how to deliver a technical product. This is the first fail we typically learn about. Our business IS in tech and consulting.


Our goal is to deliver to our Client’s vision, keep them looped in, but not have to micromanage every detail.


That’s why we focus on longterm relationship as a trusted Client Partner. Our core competency and business model is built on working with distributed teams, virtual project management, developing enterprise web and mobile software solutions. Our Founder has 15 years of experience working in the digital and tech industry focusing on vetting resource teams, managing large scale projects, product ideation and executing turnkey solutions. Our collective team has worked behind the scenes for top brands you see every day, digital and media agencies, startups, and enterprise businesses.

How are services billed?

Time, work and deliverables are all inclusive. We don’t typically bill hourly. If we do bill hourly, we typically use a team blended rate depending on the complexity of the project. Our goal is to minimize ‘gotchas’ and budget burn by setting expectations in advance to any add-on work or changes in scope.

We specialize in tailoring packaged solutions and we offer a Fast-Track process that helps ramp up quickly. Please contact Yume directly to discuss project details. We take ACH (preferred) or credit cards (with processing fees). Net 10, 15 or 30 depends on business or personal credit.

Do you have a tax ID number?

Yes, Yume Consults LLC has a tax ID number. It can be supplied during the formal negotiation stage as needed.

What Government Certifications do you hold?

To view our City, State and Federal Certifications, click here: Capability Statement.

Note: We may ask you to provide name/email to view the information.

What city, state is Yume Consults LLC located?

Yume Consults LLC operates out of Los Angeles, California (PST or UTC -8:00), which observes Daylight savings time.

The time zone can be found here using the World Clock and Time Zone Converter.