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Focus. Creativity and Passion for Service. Read What Others are Saying:

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I am in LOVE with my company’s new website.  As a growing non-profit, having a beautiful online space where people can be engaged as they learn more about our mission is essential.  I’m also impressed by the new technology which makes signing up for classes, giving and engagement so easy. We are seeing instant results from the new design.  Thanks to Yume and her team for a beautiful and unique design perfect for us!


Jesse Brune-Horan
Executive Director, Reverend, Inspire Spiritual Community

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I hope I get to work with Yume again. Simply put, working with Yume made me look good. Once I identify an important initiative, I turn it over to Yume and it gets done — no matter how complicated. She has a unique mix of skills that allow her to drive projects to completion while having all of the stakeholders emerge excited to have been involved in the effort. I couldn’t speak more highly of anyone with whom I’ve worked.


Ryan Davis
VP, Local Platform, The Weather Channel, The Weather Company

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Yume has a broad skillset within the interactive space that allows her to span a variety of clients, industries and projects at any given time. She also has a unique way to being able to dive through all the details of a client, project or campaign and extract the most relevant information to lead, guide and train her direct reports. Yume is also a diplomatic communicator, one who can diffuse a tense client situation, build bridges across departments and give constructive feedback to her team.


Rachel Pickett
SVP Account Director at Ogilvy & Mather, Former SVP at Moxie Atlanta

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Yume and I worked together for several years. To interact professionally with Yume is to know that she is strategically process oriented, highly focused and self motivated. Her project management abilities were unparalleled. I have seen her manage a team of highly skilled and accomplished individuals with ease and discipline. Yume is an excellent communicator, extremely client focused, and a strong leader. Simply put, Yume is not only competent as a manager of people, but also as a project manager. One sign of a true leader is the unique ability to remain calm and decisive under pressure, and Yume is truly that individual. She is self motivated, disciplined and an asset to any organization.


Felicia-Crawford-Smith, SPHR
Human Resources Manager at Delta Air Lines

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I had the opportunity to work with Yume at Todd AO-Editworks as her manager in the Traffic and Video Duplication department.

Consequently, when I left, I recommended her for the Traffic Manager position (which she took over) because I felt that she would be a great fit for the role. Yume demonstrated leadership skills, was dependable, eager to learn and showed technical aptitude for the job.


Barry Bowman
Certified SEO Expert Executive – Social Media Rockstar – Conversion Specialist – Author/Contributor

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To help you navigate the digital ocean you cannot get a better guide than Yume. She helped me set up my web migration and contents to the new site. Yume and her team are a dream help.


Nayan Chanda
Author and Editor in Chief of YaleGlobal Online , Yale.edu

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Yume was the foundation when it came to order and structure. Very organized, highly knowledgeable, and above all she gets the job done.


Nigel Anglin
Technical Solutions Specialist at Google, Google

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Yume is a fearless, intuitive, leader with an infectious can-do attitude! Working with her at The Weather Channel I observed her court outside teams to work in partnership with us, keep our team honest by highlighting our strength, exposing our weakness and rewarding contributors with kindness. As a Program Manager with a team that was not yet socialized to the larger company, she was able to mobilize our mission and garner the respect of everyone we worked with. If given the opportunity I would love to work with Yume again, she is organized, focused and highly skilled.


Avian Briscoe
Digital Production Coordinator, The Weather Channel, The Weather Company

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Yume is a superb communicator and talent when it comes to design, new media technology and innovative business solutions. She has created both print and online material for my business over the years. I strongly recommend her to professionals within any industry.


Candi S. Cross
Ghostwriter, Editor & Corporate Communications Strategist, You Talk I Write

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Yume is phenomenal at detail and organization. She consistently produces high quality work and understands prioritizing and urgency. She has a broad knowledge and understanding of our industry. She also understands being accountable for both the work that she does as well as her team, which is key to our industry.


Liz Bogard
Senior Product Manager at Aggregate Knowledge, a Neustar Service

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I just want to express the most sincere and greatest level of appreciation that I can send on behalf of me and Mark. You have been a rock star and I really don’t know where we would be without you. Thank you so much.

Project, Product Management / Mobile & eCommerce


Derek Griffin
President, Speartek, GA

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