yume consults technology for social good

Using Tech for Social Good

yume consults technology for social good

The world today is facing social challenges across the board, but thankfully we’re also at one of the most socially conscious periods in history. In reaction to the challenges we face, businesses have become more focused on social good, concentrating on diversity and inclusion among other various other aspects what it means to be a responsible business in the modern world.

Unfortunately, many of these businesses have all the best intentions but have no road map for how they can make a difference in these areas. That’s why some tech companies like us here at Yume Consults have focused on helping businesses who want to make that difference.

Technology is pivotal in supporting the tides of social change today, as can be seen in numerous examples around the globe for the last decade. Being able to spread a message or mission through technology can cause positive change very quickly, but only if you know how. Almost half of nonprofits, for example, have no budget for technology training, and even more than that say they don’t have the staff to support the efforts anyway.

The decision to outsource an initiative or project can be such a big help to these organizations. It’s cost effective, so the budget can more easily absorb it, the company gets access to subject matter expertise that they don’t have internally, and their existing resources don’t have to be expanded or stretched too thin.

Technology is the perfect vehicle for furthering socially-driven causes, with immediate global access to people through websites, mobile apps, and social networks. The people-centric development style at Yume Consults is designed to help these socially conscientious businesses that are focused on helping to change the world and building their own digital products that will help further their socially-driven cause.

In the view of technology consultants like us, helping you drive social change is more than just a business arrangement. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership which also benefits the rest of the world and humanity in general, and that kind of business is always rewarding for everyone. The more we can help a socially conscious company with a mission to further their market share, whether it’s help with website development, online webinars, or any other form of technological reach, the more we’re contributing to a better world.

So many organizations today are trying to effect a positive change, but most need some guidance. For instance, more than 90% of nonprofit professionals use content marketing to spread the message of their organization, and that’s a smart strategy that’s highly effective when done well. Unfortunately, less than half of them have documented a strategy for that content marketing. Failing to plan is planning to fail, as we’ve all heard. We don’t want them to fail, and neither do many other socially conscious tech companies and consultants. Because if they fail, we lose opportunities to plant seeds now and for the future. We want to leave a legacy for future generations, the kind of positive progress we’re all capable of producing.