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Know what happens to your presentations, documents, after you hit send.

What is Attach?

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Attach tells you:

  • Who reads your documents
  • When someone reads a document
  • When they share a document
  • What pages they read


Who uses Attach?

  • Account Execs use Attach to get insight into prospect engagement and prioritize their sales pipeline
  • Sales Managers / Directors / VPs use Attach to get an overview of their teams engagement with customers, and coach to success
  • Product Marketing Managers use Attach to distribute content to sales teams and measure content performance
  • Startup CEOs use Attach to send pitch decks to investors, gain insights into engagement and optimize their decks


Never guess again:

  • Know how your customers and prospects are engaging with documents
  • Open alerts tell you when someone reviews your documents in real-time. Imagine a phone-call right as you’re reading a document, talk about top of mind!


More powerful documents mean more sales:

  • Send large documents (up to 100MB), even in emails
  • Update your documents anytime, even after you’ve already sent them
  • Control your documents with password protection, expiration dates, and the ability to turn off access at any time